Dear friends,

We are so pleased to announce that we were recently awarded a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, OR, to fund our next issue! We are honored that Big Big Wednesday was selected, and the grant will enable us to make some exciting improvements to our project.

Our second announcement is that we will be releasing our second issue in July 2014, so we have extended our submissions deadline to April 15th

The theme for the issue is “Failing,” and we encourage you to interpret this as directly or indirectly as you wish. We hope you consider submitting your work!

We’re looking for poetry, fiction, nonfiction and visual art. We’ll also be accepting submissions for four regular nonfiction features: Research (investigations into a topic of interest), Recipes (a favorite recipe accompanied by a relevant story or essay), Real Estate (explorations of where you live or lived – house, neighborhood, town, etc.) and Recommendations (something you’d recommend to others, and a short paragraph explaining why). As with the issue’s theme, we hope to see variety and inventiveness within these parameters.

Written submissions should be under 5,000 words, and we prefer black and white visual art, but of course, as you can see in our first issue, we do make exceptions.

All submissions can be sent to

Thanks! Happy New Year!